TotalDECOM Interviews – Prof John Fyfe

TotalDECOM Interviews - Dr Gillian Smith

Transcription of Interview:

The nature of the participants come from sectors that are themselves very global, international, and this year in particular, bringing together not only decommissioning in a nuclear sense but also in oil and gas and part of defence broadens it even further.

What I can say is that, from my international travel, meeting former students, giving advice to overseas governments, I find that it’s so important for companies that are operating globally to get to know each other, but also understand the countries that they're working in.

Decommissioning, in whatever sense you put it, is of critical importance in countries all over the world, whether it’s Fukushima post what’s happened in Japan, whether it’s what’s happening in the States. Germany, of course, have said no more new nuclear. But of course that means another 20 years of decommissioning their plants.

So at the end of the day, the international market for the decommissioning sector is enormous. So I really do believe that the strength of TotalDECOM can continue to grow and become even wider and broader in its attempts to bring people together, to learn from experiences and also to play a vital role.

-Prof John Fyfe