TotalDECOM Interviews – Rt Hon Charles Hendry

TotalDECOM Interviews - Rt Hon Charles Hendry

Transcription of Interview:

I think it’s really encouraging to see how in the course of just four or five years, TotalDECOM has become a very established part of the decommissioning agenda, and what’s really important is that it brings together people from the nuclear side of decommissioning, the oil and gas side of decommissioning, and looking at many other areas where decommissioning is going to be an important part of the equation. And I think it’s that mix of people which makes it so different and so special.

I think the success of the decommissioning work across the country is going to be very directly related to the extent to which businesses work together. Collaboration is going to be essential, not just with British companies but international companies who can bring great expertise of their own.
But we’re pioneering in many ways. We were one of the first countries to develop nuclear power in the 1950s and ’60s, and we’re now one of the first countries doing big decommissioning projects. We were one of the first countries to do really complicated deep oil and gas work in the North Sea in the 1960s and ‘70s, and now we’re beginning to decommission those, and so we’re ahead of the world in those.

So if we can really show that we are where the best practice is put in place, with complete adherence to safety, to environmental protection, the values and great experience which our engineering businesses can bring, then we’re in a very strong position to actually make what we’re doing here the model which others will follow.

So we shouldn't just be looking at what this means to the UK. We need to be looking as well at what this means in terms of opportunities around the world, as other countries look at how they deal with the same challenges.

- Rt Hon Charles Hendy