TotalDECOM Hub & Annual Flagship Event – How it all began…

Since our first flagship event over 5 years ago back in March 2014, we have seen some dramatic changes, developments and innovations across the UK decommissioning market. Established sectors such as Nuclear & Oil & Gas continue to require support and innovation from the supply chain in order to deliver complex decommissioning projects. In addition we are seeing some new trends and emerging markets.  As the renewables sector prepares to decommission the first wind turbines  -entering the end of their 25 year life. Defence, shipping and mining sector activity is also increasing as these sectors look for cost effective ways to deal with waste materials safely and with minimal impact to the environment.  In addition, the global decommissioning challenges are enormous. UK companies are well placed to embrace this opportunity, with a highly exportable skill set and a reputation as global leaders in the field of decommissioning. The TotalDECOM mission is to facilitate and support the decommissioning industries in sharing knowledge and best practice, collaborating, driving down costs and diversifying into new markets of opportunity.

TotalDECOM Hub & Annual Flagship Event

How it all started, the TotalDECOM mission:

TotalDECOM was founded by George Colquhoun, who has a wealth of knowledge in Engineering, spending most of his life working in the Defence, Offshore and Nuclear sectors. He recognised from his own personal experiences in some large organisations and latterly running his own business, the similarities faced by the sectors in solving their decommissioning challenges. TotalDECOM was developed to address this need and bring together experts from the oil and gas sector with those from the nuclear and offshore sectors; to collaborate and share vital knowledge and experiences with one another, at a time when the decommissioning industries were preparing for a major wave of activity, worth £Billions over the coming years and decades.

What is the TotalDECOM Hub & Annual Flagship Event?

TotalDECOM Annual Event began in April 2014, as a unique conference and exhibition that brings together all sectors involved  in decommissioning, from operators, site licensing companies and their supply chains to industry bodies, research and development organisations, regulators, academia  and stakeholders – offering a unique platform to encourage the cross fertilization of knowledge and expertise across the sectors. TotalDECOM is the world’s only event that brings together the entire decommissioning marketplace under one roof, to learn, connect and do business.

Following on from the continued success of TotalDECOM annual conference and exhibition, the TotalDECOM hub was born.  The TotalDECOM Hub was piloted with great success in 2017/2018 to complement the annual flagship event held every year in spring. A number of events, webinars and networking  services were developed alongside a supply chain directory – all aimed at helping organisations of all shapes and sizes to embrace the opportunities emerging in the decommissioning marketplace.

 Why we created the DECOM Hub?

The parallels in the expertise required to decommission an asset safely, cost effectively and with minimal impact to the environment are remarkably similar, be it a nuclear plant or oil and gas platform. The decommissioning markets both here in the UK and internationally are worth £Billions over the coming years and decades. We want to help our subscribers take their skills and innovations into new and exciting areas and help facilitate the export of expertise overseas, creating wealth and economic growth. The DECOM Hub is helping to shape the way operators and the supply chain do business.

How has TotalDECOM evolved over the last 5 years:  

TotalDECOM has grown from a relatively small niche event of around 100 attendees. Our first event in 2014 predominantly attracted a Nuclear and Oil & Gas audience, with backing from the NDA, Sellafield, Shell and Decom North Sea.  Every year since TotalDECOM have grown, evolved and developed with the needs of the industry and now attracts over 335 attendees from all sectors not just Nuclear and Oil & Gas. International delegations from Japan, Canada, France, Norway, Russia and France have attended our events. In 2018 the NDA & OGA used TotalDECOM as their chosen platform to announce their formal agreement to form an alliance that encourages and facilitates collaboration and diversification from one sector to the other, in order to effectively meet the UK’s decommissioning challenges

What have we delivered for our Decom Hub subscriber’s to date?

In the last year the TotalDECOM hub has developed and delivered a programme of monthly webinars covering topical decommissioning subject matter;  including Nuclear, Offshore Oil & Gas, Ship Recycling, Mine Closure, Offshore Wind Dismantling, Challenges of Nuclear Sludge, Onshore Demolition, Submarine Dismantling and Offshore Waste Management – we have an exciting webinar programme planned for the coming months.

In addition to our annual flagship event TotalDECOM. a series of networking events and 1 to 1 meeting opportunities have been successfully delivered across the UK, focusing on areas vital to the future success  of decommissioning across the sectors,  including Collaboration, Skills and Supply Chain Opportunities. These events have attracted attendance from high profile organisations, as well as many SME’s who have extraordinary specialist skills to offer.

Our Vision

To lead and guide the global decommissioning marketplace – bridging the gap across the sectors, between government and industry, facilitating economic growth and placing UK PLC’s firmly on the map, as global leaders in the field of decommissioning.

Nuclear Decommissioning Market – the UK alone now has more than £250Billion of decommissioning to undertake, the NDA recognise that collaboration across industry and government is essential to get costs down and maximise economic recovery.

Source: Nuclear Decommissioning Authority TotalDECOM April 2018

Oil & Gas Decommissioning Market – The Oil & Gas decom marketplace is still in its early stages. 200 oilfields will undergo decommissioning over the next 10 years which will require a programmatic approach and involve specialist skills in similar areas to those used in nuclear. The UK Oil & Gas decommissioning market is projected to be worth £60Billion in the North Sea alone.

Source: Oil & Gas Authority TotalDECOM April 2018

 Defence/Submarine Dismantling Market – The UK Submarine Dismantling programme is now moving into the delivery stage and will involve safe, environmentally responsible, secure and cost effective solutions for dismantling 27 of the UK’s defueled, nuclear-powered submarines.  The MOD is keen to engage with all supply chains, to encourage the development of more innovative solutions to meet the challenges of decommissioning these subs.

Source: MOD/Babcock TotalDECOM Supply Chain Event February 2018