Decommissioning News Summary July 2016

This month, there has seen a lot of foreshadowing and guessing in relation to how the result of the 23rd June Referendum, will play out across all industries and sectors. With the instability within the governing parties and faltering strength of the pound, this trend seems set to remain for the months to come.

Read on for a round up of news stories relating to the decommissioning industry:


On the 12th July, the East of England Energy Group (EEEGR) held a full day conference covering the topics of well abandonment and deconstruction in relation to Off Shore Oil rigdecommissioning works. These works represents a large element of the Southern North Sea works, which are forecast to amount to c. £47 billion by 2050. This covers 1050 wells that are set to be decommissioned in the area over the next 20 years. The event saw expert speakers discussing policy and what the industry will be required to deliver to match the Government’s expectations in relation to the project.


Magnox Ltd has completed its first step of decommissioning in the form of emptying and decontaminating the underground waste storage vaults at their Bradwell Site.  That’s 18 vaults (for a guide to the volumes, click here for the company’s infographic), which have been filling with contaminated metal, sand and sludge for the past forty years! The company have achieved their primary aim of finding the best solutions in terms of usage of treatment and disposal methods, by adhering to stringent monitoring and classification procedures. The site is now ready for the care and maintenance phase of the overall decommission plan.


Here at TotalDECOM, we are pleased to announce the provisional outline of our annual Decommissioning Conference in Manchester, click here to find out more. For those interested in sponsoring the event, why not take advantage of our “early bird” deals?

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