TotalDECOM – Decommissioning News Summary – October 2016

This month saw the annual celebration of #NationalMentoringday, which is a topic that truly resonates within the decommissioning community. As apprenticeships and mentoring have long played a key role in developing talent and gaining experience across the engineering sector.  This is partly why the open visitor day of our conference focuses on skills solutions, knowledge retention, recruiting & retraining & employer-educator interface solutions.

Read on for our round up of news stories relating to the decommissioning industry in October 2016:

•    Nuclear

It has been announced this month that the decommissioning works at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan are going to again exceed the financial estimates. For more information on the topic of the Fukushima Plant and in particular its decommissioning challenges, check out this article from Reuters.  In summary, due to the sheer levels of contamination it is proving difficult to ascertain the location and thus the solution to containing a number of the broken fuel rods. Which, naturally, makes estimating the final cost of the decommission process extremely difficult.

•    Decommissioning Innovation

This month we would like to feature an interesting article from Adjacent Oil & Gas on the topic of “Driving Decommissioning Innovation?” Sparked by Shell’s decision to leave the footings of 3 of the Brent platform in situ, as part of the fields decommissioning strategy. The article discusses the current economic influences and how they are affecting decom provisions.  Perhaps they will impede innovation as “in situ” strategies are increasingly chosen or conversely driving change in order to reduce costs long term via efficiency (such as Single Lift Vehicles (SLV).

•    TotalDECOM

This month has seen the TotalDECOM team working hard on preparing the event schedule and speakers. We are also heading down to the NDA Supply Chain event, so you can come and see us at stand P8 on the 3rd of November (Event City, Manchester).


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