TotalDECOM – Decommissioning News Summary – November 2016

This month has seen a number of successful conferences around the topic of decommissioning taking place, a number of Decom service providers taking home engineering awards and the release of a Government report demonstrating that the industry is going to continue growing for the foreseeable future. All of which is great news for decommissioning as a sector; with more emphasis being placed on the cross-sectoral nature of the works not just the opportunities.

Read on for our round up of news stories relating to the decommissioning industry in November 2016:

•    Oil & Gas in the Shetlands

In response to the Oil & Gas UK Decommissioning Insight 2016 report, released this month, Shetland based politicians and industry leaders are calling for the opportunities not to be missed for the local economy.  The report shows that the decommissioning market was worth over £2 billion in 2015. Lerwick Port Authority’s (LPA) chief executive Sandra Laurenson is amongst those calling for the area to take its place within the decommissioning arena. To read the full story, visit the Shetland News article.

•    Decommissioning Innovation

November 2016 saw the establishment of Integrated Decom, which is a first collaboration of its kind in the UK. The decommissioning companies who have joined forces are Costain, Axis Well Technology, BMT Cordah and DNV GL. Together they have the experience and capabilities to deliver entire decommissioning solutions via a single point.  This collaboration is a wonderful example of an integrated cross-sectoral approach to decommissioning in action.  This premise is one of the key principles that the TotalDECOM event is founded on and we are pleased to have representatives from the coalition speaking at our Premier Day.

•    TotalDECOM Update

This month we are pleased to announce three of the speakers in the Commercial Challenges section of our Premier Delegate Day.
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