TotalDECOM – Decommissioning News Summary – December 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, there will no doubt be a great number of review pieces written. From a decommissioning perspective the real ramifications of the political shocks (Brexit and Trump) will only be truly known in the months to come.
One of the key features of the market this year was the acceptance that many of the financial forecasts for decommissioning were underestimated.  Which has been further compounded as the difference will more often than not fall to the taxpayers to pay.
It is also a year in which existing projects have seen both key deliveries but also set backs. The Brent Oil Field celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2016 and also saw the start of the Decom process for the Brent Delta platform. The Pioneering Spirit (the largest construction vessel) was commissioned to perform a single lift on the topside of the rig.  Whereas the Fukashima clean up operation continued to face problems such as contaminated water leakage into the Pacific.

Read on for our final round up of news stories relating to the decommissioning industry in December:

•    Airbus Satellites Used in Offshore Decommissioning

Airbus Satellites are being used to provide long term monitoring to remote offshore decom projects. Due to the high definition surveillance and advanced analysis technologies, these satellites can be used to monitor the assets throughout their lifecycle.  Within the decommissioning aspect of the cycle, the extra level of monitoring can be used to monitor the environmental changes as the process takes place. This technology is forecast to reduce costs associated with decom projects, as it provides those making process decisions with real-time information on a larger scale but in a more cost efficient method. Click here, to read the full article.

•    Decommissioning Innovation

The NDA have teamed up with Sellafield Ltd and Innovate UK to invest up to £3 million in projects that demonstrate innovative technologies for the nuclear decommissioning sector. With the increased forecasted costs associated with the Calder Hall and other decom projects continuing to rise, the project is looking to drive innovation within the sector.  Projects that create safer, cheaper or faster solutions could be eligible to apply for funding.
The opening date for applications is the 30th January 2017, for full information on requirements and guidelines, click here.

•    TotalDECOM

In December, we got the go ahead from the team to release a number of the speakers lined up for the 2017 event. To see the list and keep up with all the latest confirmed speakers click here.

The whole team wish you a great festive period and hope that there are plenty of mince pies where you are.

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