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Exciting new TotalDECOM event venue!

This week the DECOM Hub Team have been scoping out exciting plans for the new Annual Flagship Event – TotalDECOM 2018, which due to growth will be held at Manchester Central next year –  on the 23RD, 24TH and 25TH April. We are already planning staging, lighting and an exciting live demo showcase due to the popularity and success of this at last years event. We will be working closely with the venue’s marketing team as well as Visit Manchester and local, national and industry press; ensuring that we get the message out loud and clear – TotalDECOM is the worlds leading decommissioning event.

We will also continue to work closely with our supporting partners to ensure we are helping each other spread the word about all of the exciting news and events happening around the UK in the Energy Sector.

Forthcoming TotalDECOM Hub Events….

Webinar “Mining Sector Asset Lifecycle, Closure and Decommissioning” delivered by Darren Quayle, Mining Specialist, Department of International Trade. Taking place online on the Wednesday 9th August from 9.30am – 10.15am

In this webinar Darren will introduce the audience to the global Mining Sector and the closure of mine assets. Our nuclear and oil & gas audience will recognise the close similarities between these sectors, the legislative requirements, environmental controls, complex and hazardous waste materials and impact on local communities and stakeholders.
Skills Event Tuesday 3rd October 10.00am – 6.00pm

The Great Hall, University of Birmingham

Our Skills Event will focus on strategic planning, attraction, recruitment, retention and redeployment of skills across the decommissioning industries.

The event will be hosted by Professor John Fyfe, covering core topics of …..

  • Critical Skills needs
  • Training Decom Specialists
  • Workplace and Skills Migration
  • Education : Sector Links
  • Changing Mindsets from Operations to Decommissioning

We anticipate our main audience will be Major Employers and Tier 2 Contractors, Decommissioning Supply Chain SMEs, Universities, Training Providers, Skills Agencies, Recruiters

TotalDECOM 2018 5th Annual Flagship Event

Exchange Hall, Manchester Central

23rd  24th and 25th April 2018

 Are you involved in …

Oil & Gas : Demolition & Dismantling : Nuclear : Engineering : Imaging, Sensing & Inspection: Explosives & Munitions : Waste Management : Chracterisation : ROV’s : Drones : Robotics :  Health & Safety : Recruitment : Academia : Innovation : Research & Development : Government Regulation : Policy : Innovation : Legal :  Accounting : Skills : Strategy & Planning : Late Life : Asset Management …….

These and many other areas of expertise are required throughout the decommissioning process – be it Nuclear : Oil & Gas : Defence : Mining : Renewables or the Process Sector ! Move your organisation into new and exciting markets by sponsoring or exhibiting with us!

Get in touch for speaker opportunities across all our events or to get involved as a sponsor, exhibitor or delegate.

Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster Monthly Meeting

We attended Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster Monthly Meeting on Wednesday 3rd August 2017, never ceases to amaze how lucky we are in this region to be surrounded by such enormous opportunity and at the same time benefit from the beautiful backdrop of the lakes and stunning coastlines – its not surprising so many people decide to move to Cumbria, to live and work.

 Highlights and news from the BEC Cluster Meeting:

  • Trudy Harrison MP – who clearly has Copeland running through her veins, presented at the Cluster. She covered interesting thoughts on improvements to infrastructure in the West Cumbria region and talked about diversification of nuclear skills to other sectors like health care and oil and gas – which very closely fits with our TotalDECOM Mission. She also spoke of the Moorside project and how it should be seen as a ‘springboard for opportunity not a legacy project’. Our departure from Euratom and how this could affect the nuclear industry on the West Coast going forwards as we enter into Brexit negotiations was also a topic that kept coming up at the cluster meeting.
  • Dounreay also presented and unveiled the UKs most complex nuclear sites new ‘Link Supply Chain Process’ aimed at encouraging SME’s not necessarily on the Dounreay supply chain to Liaise – Innovate – Network and put forward tenders to help solve some of the difficult technical problems ever emerging out of the site. BEC members were invited to come forth with collaborative solutions if they felt there were problems they could not tackle alone. The ‘Link Supply Chain Process’ will also be taken to Aberdeen’s Oil & Gas market and across other pockets of the UK where skills in other sectors could cross over into activity at the Dounreay site.
  • Women in Nuclear – Kate Garratt talked about the Women in Nuclear programme and how it seeks to address the gender imbalance that exists in the nuclear industry – and particularly how this will be rolled out across the region.
  • Congratulations to John Grainger, Stakeholder Relations Director of BECBC (Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster) who was awarded an Honorary Fellowship at the University of Cumbria’s graduation ceremony in Carlisle Cathedral on Tuesday (18 July). The citation particularly noted John’s “lifelong and outstanding achievement in economic development and business growth in Cumbria” over the past 27 years – well done John from the DECOM Team!
  • We also had interesting conversations with West Cumbria Mining, In Cumbria, Arco, Cumbria Coaching, Gen II and lots of other organisations – look forward to the next meet!

That’s all from us this week we will continue on our Decom Mission! Get in touch to get involved!