Spotlight on – Mactech

The monthly subscriber spotlight is an opportunity to learn more about a company from one of our subscribers and showcase the work they are doing.

This month we spotlight on Mactech Offshore.

Why Choose Mactech Offshore?

• Mactech makes a total commitment to safe working practices, both in equipment design and services performed
• Focus on producing the best cut times in the offshore industry
• Emphasis on reliability and consistency in DWS design to produce full thru-cuts on pipe section, giving operators confidence and confirmation in cuts
• Tools, procedures and problem-solving techniques incorporate hands-on technician input and experience • Best practices approach under continual scrutiny and revision
• OEM in-house product development breeds innovation
• Providing solutions for complicated technical problems
• Broad range of offshore equipment and assets on-site
• “A” safety rating on ISN
• Made in the USA

Diamond Wire Saws

Mactech Offshore offers a wide selection of Diamond Wire Saws for Subsea and Topside cutting of a variety of materials and in challenging environments. Cutting range from 4.5” up to a 120”. Diamond Wire Saws are ideal for cutting multi-string casing or heavy wall legs and cross members.

Applications include:

• Offshore decommissioning
• Subsea cutting
• Topside cutting
• Bridge piling removal
• Well head removal
• Slot recovery
• Marine construction

ID Sever Machine

Mactech’s new and innovative ID Milling Machine reliably cuts casing, pilings and other round, hollow tube from the inside diameter. Cutting below the mudline (BML) is made safe and efficient with this unique tool. No external dredging or digging is required. Simply lower the ID Milling Machine into the tube, activate the self-centering mechanism and begin your cut. Self-centering locators assure accurate and secure placement in the pipe. Mactech’s unique ID Pipe Sever Machine can be your solution to limited access, round tube severing applications.

• Cold cut pilings and casings below the mud line
• Compact, easy to handle design.
• Available from 17” to 60” ID pipe.
• Self-centering makes set-up quick and easy.
• Uses standard 1” end mill.

Clamshell lathes

Mactech’s Clamshell lathes are portable pipe cutting machines for subsea and topside precision cutting and bevelling of all pipe sizes, schedules and materials. Our line covers a wide range of pipe sizes from 2” to 110” OD and are designed so that minimal radial and axial clearance is required for easy installation on in-line closed loop pipe. Mactech lathes are the most rigid in the industry, and act as drive for a number of precision accessories for counterboring, OD turning and facing.

LC clamshell series machines from 2” to 16” diameter
The LC (Low Clearance) series is designed to fit into tight working areas as well as minimize machine weight. These clamshells are lightweight but retain rigidity during operation.

USS clamshell series machines from 16”to 36” diameter.
The USS series combines the low clearance of the LC, while providing additional thickness and strength. The USS clamshells offer heavy-duty construction for even greater rigidity during operation. Larger diameter clamshells must be rigid to maintain a consistent and accurate machining process.

WD series Clamshells 3 sizes: - 843,848 & 860 WD
• Sever or simultaneous Sever / Bevel 31 to 60” diameter pipe, or NPS 31 to NPS 60 schedule pipe
• Cold cutting in hazardous environments
• Exceptionally rigid, split frame for precise on-site machining
• Lightweight, low clearance design for easy handling in tight working spaces
• Tool holder accepts standard ¾” or 1” tool bits
• Air Caddy included with air drive systems
• Custom setups and drives available.

SD series Clamshells 3 sizes:- 880SD, 890SD, 8110SD

• Sever or simultaneous Sever / Bevel 70 to 110” diameter pipe
• Cold cutting in hazardous environments
• Exceptionally rigid, split-frame for precise on-site machining
• O.D. Following Tool Block allows a +/- 1” out of round workpiece
• Tool holder accepts standard 1” square tool bits
• Powerful dual hydraulic drive suitable for cutting toughest steel and steel alloys
• Customer setups and drives available

Dual Pin Drill


• Single Pin Drill: 6” to 18” diameter casing, single-side drilling operation.
• Dual Pin Drill: 16” to 36” diameter casing, two aligned pin holes per operation.


Two hydraulic drill motor options are included with the Dual Pin Drill. High-strength stainless steel spindle accepts standard 1.25” – 7 threaded hole saws.

• Option 1: 8.8 in³, high speed, low torque motor. Typically used for applications where smaller diameter holes less than 4” or 100 mm are required.
• Option 2: 22.7 in3 in³, low speed, high torque motor. Typically used for heavy cutting applications, where larger diameter holes of more than 4” or 100 mm are required

Portable Rack Drill

Mactech’s MT30 Portable Rack Drill is a versatile and easy to use drill for on-site drilling.

The MT30 Rack Drill is ideally suited for applications where quick set-up and powerful drilling is required. An optional hanger bracket allows the drill to be positioned at a set distance from the top of pipe or other structure. An optional magnet attachment allows the MT30 Portable Rack Drill to be easily attached to almost any ferrous surface. The MT30 Portable Rack Drill can be customized with mounting options, tool holders and motors for your applications.


• Powerful air, hydraulic or electric motors drill quickly through the toughest materials
• Portable, compact and lightweight design makes drilling in hard to reach spaces easy.
• Optional magnetic attachment base mounts securely to flat or round ferrous surfaces
• Optional hanger bracket for quick and secure placement and drilling on pipe or structure
• Wide variety of arbors, tool holders and motors are available

Portable Rail Mills

Mactech’s line of Portable Rail Mills are suitable for pipe or vessel window cutting, base and motor pad milling and deck cutting in subsea or topside applications. Mactech’s Portable Rail Mills come in a selection of lengths to provide you with uninterrupted axial cutting, or we can design a custom length for your application. The universal One Key Mill Head allows tooling to be easily interchanged with a Mactech drill or Roto-Mill. Our powerful rare earth magnet attachments make installation to flat, round or tapered surfaces quick and easy.

The Portable Rail Mill is a versatile, dependable and powerful unit capable of close
tolerance machining for your subsea or topside applications.

Mactech Portable Rail Mill Models:

• 48”, 72” and 96” inch Manual and Hydraulic Feed - Custom configurations available by request

Visit the Machtech website or give them a call on + 44(0)01260 281431