TotalDECOM 2017 - Promo Video

Transcription of Video:

Nuclear, oil and gas, renewables, defence, waste management. These are all of the areas where I think there is a great opportunity right now given the size and scale of the commercial opportunities in front of us to take this opportunity to come together and work more closely.

The challenges in the nuclear industry are not unique. They are similar across other sectors, be it the oil and gas, be it space, be it the pharmaceuticals, etc.
I think the success of the decommissioning work across the country is going to be very directly related to the extent to which businesses work together. Collaboration is going to be essential.

The TotalDECOM hub is a system where we’re engaging with the offshore business, we’re engaging with the nuclear and the defence, to learn, connect and do business. We’ll have a flagship conference. We will also have a series of seminars around the country.

I think it’s important because it’s unique. I don't think there’s another conference that brings together people from all of the various sectors where decommissioning is an enormous challenge.

TotalDECOM is providing a forum whereby across the UK, and in fact now globally, it’s beginning to show how those technologies, the people, the skills, what it’s going to take to truly have a sustainable, long-term business.
One thing that I found most encouraging about coming to TotalDECOM was that it isn’t just the giants who are here. There are many SMEs who are here as well, who have extraordinary specialist skills and they're going to have a really important role to play.

TotalDECOM represents something really quite unique in the conference calendar and the event calendar in that they are actively promoting this cross-sector participation, and that’s why, right from the start, from the inception of TotalDECOM, we’ve been keen to participate and to support it.
The international market for the decommissioning sector is enormous. TotalDECOM have got an opportunity here of actually doing what they do, but in a wider context.

If we are really serious about collaboration between big businesses, small businesses, government and the public sector elsewhere, then it’s events like this which actually make that happen.

I think this is really one of those areas where there is certainly more we can do now, and TotalDECOM is a great opportunity of beginning that work and bringing people together to start that practice.