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We are on a DECOMMission!

The Decom Hub is completely unique - our decommissioning subscription network, events & services portals, provide all sectors involved in the decommissioning industry with a world of opportunity.

We are shaping the way operators and the supply chain do business. We pro-actively encourage collaboration and the cross fertilization of knowledge, innovation and skills, across all sectors faced with a decommissioning responsibility - from nuclear, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, renewables, defence…even into space. The parallels in the expertise required to decommission any asset are remarkably similar, be it a nuclear plant or oil and gas platform.

Take your skills and expertise into new and exciting areas - Join our growing network - Learn, Connect & Do Business


What are subscribers saying about us?

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‘TotalDECOM is innovative & as an innovative organisation with a cross market sector approach to decommissioning – AECOM are still key sponsors 4 years on’ 

Gerry McGill Senior Vice President for Nuclear & Environment, AECOM

The networking dinner was an excellent way to kick start TotalDECOM, it enabled guests to make introductions ahead of the main event, in an enjoyable and informal setting

John Grainger Stakeholder Relations Director, BEC Business Cluster