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We are on a DECOM Mission!

The TotalDECOM Hub is completely new - our decommissioning subscription network, events & services portals, provide all sectors involved in the decommissioning industry with a world of opportunity.

The DECOM Hub is helping to shape the way operators and the supply chain do business. We pro-actively encourage collaboration and the cross fertilization of knowledge, innovation and skills, across all sectors faced with a decommissioning responsibility - from nuclear, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, renewables, defence…even into space. The parallels in the expertise required to decommission any asset are remarkably similar, be it a nuclear plant or oil and gas platform.

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What are subscribers saying about us?

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'TotalDECOM highlights cross-sectoral collaboration, which is vitally important in decommissioning. We are realising that we can work better together to improve our chances of mutual success. Our D&D work needs to be accomplished safely and with no impact to the environment. We are all better served creating a mutual culture and sharing these skilled resources to achieve a common goal of safe performance.'

Bob Granata, Vice President, Stoller Newport News Nuclear, part of the Huntington Ingalls Group

'I am yet to find a conference that draws together organisations from across all industries, to explore the decommissioning responsibilities & opportunities that lay ahead. TotalDECOM highlights how collaboration and transfer of knowledge and innovations is key to making this journey successful'

Phil Jardine Westinghouse
Involved in the 2017 Flagship Conference
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