DECOM Hub Webinar – Little-known particles called muons are helping to map the insides of pyramids, and to spot missing nuclear waste 

The Nature Physics Journal describes how Muography is making its mark

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‘Did you know that millions of cosmic muons pass through your body every single day?’  Dr David Mahon, Lynkeos Technology Ltd   




Don’t worry if you missed this morning’s eye opening webinar from Dr David Mahon – ‘Lynkeos ‘From academic research to nuclear industry deployment: The Lynkeos Story‘. Sponsored by Nuclear Engineering International

Put simply …..Muon technology can see what other technology cannot. It started out as an idea in a university office, some 10 years ago and soon it will be used to solve some of the worlds most hazardous nuclear decommissioning challenges – with huge scope in other sectors.  It is incredibly safe and cost effective, saving vast amounts of tax payer money over the coming years and decades.

Lynkeos Technology is now set for commercial deployment at Sellafield and is the only technology of its kind in the world. This amazing journey shows what is possible when you combine innovative thinking, R & D support, along with grit and determination.

TotalDECOM & Lynkeos first met at TotalDECOM 2014, where Lynkeos presented their Muon Technology & its potential uses in “viewing” the insides of nuclear barrels. “ It was a research project with support from Sellafield and National Nuclear Laboratory, within Glasgow University and has since gained support from NDA and Innovate UK, among others”

Take a listen in your own time at this very inspiring webinar which is all about Muon Technology, what it is, its applications in decommissioning & the journey from a new idea though to full commercialisation – the lessons learnt.

For SME’s or individuals like Lynkeos with great ideas, we have a Supply Chain Networking Event coming up at Thornton Science Park, Ince, Cheshire Thursday 5th July.

There will be a selection of presentations, 1 to 1 appointments and a small exhibition, with organisations like WYG, Centre of Nuclear Excellence, Sellafield, Urenco, Wood. Orano, Cammell Laird, NIASS and University of Cheshire / Thornton Science Park – who will be talking about a funding programme currently available to help SMEs commercialise innovative ideas, much like the Lynkeos story we heard through today’s TotalDECOM Hub webinar. Click to register for this event or speak to April on 01229 400212.