Unique Supply Company opportunity to help reduce offshore decommissioning costs across both UK and Dutch SNS

The first ever truly collaborative UK/Netherlands Oil and Gas event is being held in Norwich on Tuesday 9th October and then repeated in Amsterdam on 24th October. The aim being to explore how, by combining the capabilities of our supply chain, we can reduce the costs of decommissioning the wider Southern North Sea (SNS) basin.

The EEEGR Decommissioning Special interest group is staging this significant event which will feature presentations from leading UK and Dutch operators, including Shell/NAM, Oranje-Nassau, Spirit Energy, Neptune and Perenco.

The event, which has been developed collaboratively by the Oil & Gas Authority (OGA) and Nexstep in the Netherlands, is being held at Norwich City Football Club and attendance can be booked through the following link – https://www.eeegr.com/events/uk-netherlands-oil-gas-hackathon/

Decommissioning will cost the UK in the region of £60-70bn, according to OGA figures, with significant costs also forecast for the Netherlands representing an enormous opportunity for the supply chain in both countries.

Know-how, innovative solutions and technologies will be vital in reducing costs and this interactive operator engagement will provide an opportunity for service companies to make new contacts and share their ideas as well as enabling solutions in response to published challenges..

Simon Gray, chief executive of EEEGR, said: “The oil and gas industry has to work together if the costs around decommissioning are to be kept to a minimum and the opportunities it presents to the supply chain are to be fully realised.

“These events will give people from the industry in the UK and the Netherlands the chance to explore the challenges of decommissioning in the shallower waters of the SNS basin in interactive sessions and connect with potential new clients.”

Bill Cattanach, Head of Supply Chain, OGA said: “Momentum has been building for this first ever cross-border interactive engagement event with our Dutch neighbours. This unique occasion will create the environment for SNS operators and service sector to come together in a collaborative environment where growing opportunities for the supply chain are expected to be unveiled.

“It’s great to see UK and Netherlands combining forces to address major technological and cost-saving challenges and we are optimistic this powerful approach will reap success.”

Jacqueline Vaessen, General Manager, Nexstep said: “We see this event as an interesting first step to encourage collaboration between operators and the supply chain by brainstorming on actual decommissioning challenges operators face in Southern North Sea. This is important because only with collaboration we will be able to reduce the decommissioning costs.”

For the full agenda, operator challenges and details about how to book, visit https://www.eeegr.com/events/uk-netherlands-oil-gas-hackathon/


Team Blog – DECOM Hub Team ‘Out & About’ ….Venues, Networking, New Events, Industry News

Exciting new TotalDECOM event venue!

This week the DECOM Hub Team have been scoping out exciting plans for the new Annual Flagship Event – TotalDECOM 2018, which due to growth will be held at Manchester Central next year –  on the 23RD, 24TH and 25TH April. We are already planning staging, lighting and an exciting live demo showcase due to the popularity and success of this at last years event. We will be working closely with the venue’s marketing team as well as Visit Manchester and local, national and industry press; ensuring that we get the message out loud and clear – TotalDECOM is the worlds leading decommissioning event.

We will also continue to work closely with our supporting partners to ensure we are helping each other spread the word about all of the exciting news and events happening around the UK in the Energy Sector.

Forthcoming TotalDECOM Hub Events….

Webinar “Mining Sector Asset Lifecycle, Closure and Decommissioning” delivered by Darren Quayle, Mining Specialist, Department of International Trade. Taking place online on the Wednesday 9th August from 9.30am – 10.15am

In this webinar Darren will introduce the audience to the global Mining Sector and the closure of mine assets. Our nuclear and oil & gas audience will recognise the close similarities between these sectors, the legislative requirements, environmental controls, complex and hazardous waste materials and impact on local communities and stakeholders.


TotalDECOM 2018 5th Annual Flagship Event

Exchange Hall, Manchester Central

23rd  24th and 25th April 2018

 Are you involved in …

Oil & Gas : Demolition & Dismantling : Nuclear : Engineering : Imaging, Sensing & Inspection: Explosives & Munitions : Waste Management : Chracterisation : ROV’s : Drones : Robotics :  Health & Safety : Recruitment : Academia : Innovation : Research & Development : Government Regulation : Policy : Innovation : Legal :  Accounting : Skills : Strategy & Planning : Late Life : Asset Management …….

These and many other areas of expertise are required throughout the decommissioning process – be it Nuclear : Oil & Gas : Defence : Mining : Renewables or the Process Sector ! Move your organisation into new and exciting markets by sponsoring or exhibiting with us!

Get in touch for speaker opportunities across all our events or to get involved as a sponsor, exhibitor or delegate.

Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster Monthly Meeting

We attended Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster Monthly Meeting on Wednesday 3rd August 2017, never ceases to amaze how lucky we are in this region to be surrounded by such enormous opportunity and at the same time benefit from the beautiful backdrop of the lakes and stunning coastlines – its not surprising so many people decide to move to Cumbria, to live and work.


Highlights and news from the BEC Cluster Meeting:

  • Trudy Harrison MP – who clearly has Copeland running through her veins, presented at the Cluster. She covered interesting thoughts on improvements to infrastructure in the West Cumbria region and talked about diversification of nuclear skills to other sectors like health care and oil and gas – which very closely fits with our TotalDECOM Mission. She also spoke of the Moorside project and how it should be seen as a ‘springboard for opportunity not a legacy project’. Our departure from Euratom and how this could affect the nuclear industry on the West Coast going forwards as we enter into Brexit negotiations was also a topic that kept coming up at the cluster meeting.
  • Dounreay also presented and unveiled the UKs most complex nuclear sites new ‘Link Supply Chain Process’ aimed at encouraging SME’s not necessarily on the Dounreay supply chain to Liaise – Innovate – Network and put forward tenders to help solve some of the difficult technical problems ever emerging out of the site. BEC members were invited to come forth with collaborative solutions if they felt there were problems they could not tackle alone. The ‘Link Supply Chain Process’ will also be taken to Aberdeen’s Oil & Gas market and across other pockets of the UK where skills in other sectors could cross over into activity at the Dounreay site.
  • Women in Nuclear – Kate Garratt talked about the Women in Nuclear programme and how it seeks to address the gender imbalance that exists in the nuclear industry – and particularly how this will be rolled out across the region.
  • Congratulations to John Grainger, Stakeholder Relations Director of BECBC (Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster) who was awarded an Honorary Fellowship at the University of Cumbria’s graduation ceremony in Carlisle Cathedral on Tuesday (18 July). The citation particularly noted John’s “lifelong and outstanding achievement in economic development and business growth in Cumbria” over the past 27 years – well done John from the DECOM Team!
  • We also had interesting conversations with West Cumbria Mining, In Cumbria, Arco, Cumbria Coaching, Gen II and lots of other organisations – look forward to the next meet!

That’s all from us this week we will continue on our Decom Mission! Get in touch to get involved!


DECOM News – July 2017

Practice What You Preach!


We have been out and about all over the country connecting with our subscribers, networking with the decommissioning community and learning from some leading industry experts , who gave up their valuable time to share their knowledge and expertise about some of the complex decommissioning challenges experienced across the sectors.

On Wednesday 28th June 2017 – AECOM delivered a fantastic webinar titled “Nuclear and offshore decommissioning – a two way street?”
The webinar was delivered by Andrew Sneddon, Director of Marine Operations, AECOM.

July 17 Collaboration Event

The webinar focused on the processes involved when the life of an asset comes to an end, AECOM assist owners in bringing these complex projects to a successful shut down, through decommissioning, remediation and hazardous waste services, across all sectors.

Andrew presented a live webinar on the experience and knowledge that AECOM has gained from decommissioning projects in both the nuclear and offshore sectors, by highlighting the benefits and opportunities available to organisations, who are looking to expand and diversify their capabilities into new decommissioning supply chains.

Key Facts AECOMS Webinar:-

Decommissioning GROWTH predicted across all the sectors – The number of decommissioning projects is growing rapidly worldwide as facilities are suspended

o Hydo-electric damns 50-100 year life
o Offshore Oil & Gas 30-50 year life
o Nuclear Power Plant – 40-60 year life
o Defence/ Weapens systems 25-40 year life

DECOM Deadlines Loom!
o EU estimate a 1/3 of reactors will close by as early as 2025! There are 150 in total!
o All needs costing and funding – huge opportunities ahead!

Low Energy Prices create a ‘tillemma’ for Companies & Governments who will have reduced revenues to fund their activity:-
o Debt
o New production/infrastructure
o Decommissioing

Difficult DECOM Choices Lay Ahead
o Defer with consequences of dilapidation?
o Decommission differently!

Value of decommissioning to supply chain is eye watering!
o Oil & Gas Authority estimates costs for 2015 to 2050 at £47 million
o NDA predict £100 billion over the next few decades

Nuclear & Offshore Decommissioning Synergies
o Limited past DECOM experience from both sectors
o Design for DECOM not considered when constructed
o Regulatory challenges
o Lots of stakeholders
o No or incomplete plans / drawings / records
o Historical knowledge lost
o May need to repair or decommission before de-construction can begin
o Operators vs decommissioning experts?
o Sectors have more in common than previously thought
o Market forces are similar, as are technical, safety, commercial and regulatory processes
o Synergies between sectors are likely to create pressure for resources!!! Which creates opportunities for the supply chains and for diversification

On Tuesday 4th July we were at Haydock Park Racecourse running our 1/2 Day Collaboration Networking Event with Lunch & 1 to 1s

Our Haydock Collaboration event was a huge success. Its not always about going to massive events with 1000’s of exhibitors and delegates – while these events are very useful, sometimes its more appropriate and beneficial to meet with a small targeted group, on a specialist topic and get guaranteed pre-bookable 1 to 1 meetings – this is the aim of our smaller ½ day events.

We all met and had an hour of networking over a morning coffee and croissant, followed by an hour of presentations all around the theme of Collaboration in Decommissioning across the sectors. Speakers included Mike Pollard, Associate Director, Institute for Collaborative Working talking about ISO 44001 – The new International collaboration standard. We then heard from Ed Brown, Director, Hardy Avaar talking about Jigsaw – North East Oil & Gas Decommissioning Consortium. Our final presentation of the morning was a double act about Project Collaboration – Decommissioning Brent Bravo by Andy Brown, Director of Regional Operations, ECITB & Johan Van Spronsen, Senior Contracts Delivery Manager, Stork Industrial Services UK Ltd. We rounded of the speaker session nicely with some interesting Q & A debates and then headed into lunch and pre-bookable 1 to 1 Appointments which were made available for all delegates:-
AECOM : Sellafield : DNVGL : Achilles : ABB : Nuvia : Cape : NNL : Jigsaw were among a few of the organisations running these sessions which always sell out and prove invaluable for delegates and all involved.

Look out for our next event covering skills & training across the decommissioning sectors.

On Wednesday 5th July Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster
We took a hair raising drive over a very foggy Corney Fell to attend Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster Monthly Member Meeting. We have now re-joined the Cluster and we are so glad we did, there is so much going on along the energy coast of West Cumbria both from a commercial and community spirit point of view and we believe that we have something to give with our forthcoming skills event – watch this space! We got chance to catch up with some familiar faces from Aecom, Sellafield, In Cumbria, Gen II, Red Onion and many more. We also listened to some fantastic talks from West Cumbria Mining who detailed their new and very exciting plans for the Mining Industry of West Cumbria – they are holding a Supply Chain Engagement Event in the Haig Museum office Wednesday 12th July 10 am – 7 pm.

Other interesting presentations at the Cluster event came from Selalfield who talked about their internal Innovation cell Programme which encourage Selalfield employees to solve some of the problems and issues that arise in the Decommissioning of Sellafield Sites. We highly recommend joining the cluster to keep up to date with what is going on in the County and to make the most out of the business opportunities available – they are in abundance! To join the Cluster visit

That’s all from the DECOM Team for now!
p.s Don’t forget that all DECOM Hub Subscribers can access all event and webinar presentations and videos – to subscribe visit, get in touch for your subscriber login passwords.

From Sellafield to the North Sea – Collaboration is Key?

With unpredictable timescales, costs and technical difficulties, complex projects require innovative commercial approaches. Day 1 of TotalDECOM 2017 exclusively features 4 successful Oil & Gas & Nuclear  joint ventures, which outline the benefits of collaboration

Integrated Decom – A UK 1st for the Oil & Gas Decommissioning Market

Integrated Decom has chosen TotalDECOM 2017 to showcase their collaboration for the first time. Integrated Decom comprises a specialist team of companies that have come together as part of their commitment to deliver an approved decommissioning programme under one collaborative offering – providing front-end engineering and environmental solutions with integrated support for oil and gas operators looking to retire redundant facilities without the burden of an in-house overhead.

Integrated Decom
Succesful Oil & Gas Collaboration combining the expertise of:-

Axis Well
BMT Cordah

Learn more about Integrated Decom who will be speaking on Day 1 of  TotalDECOM 2017

Nuclear Collaboration for Sellafield Ltd – Box Encapsulation Project  Delivery Team

The Box Encapsulation Plant Delivery Team (BEPDT) comprising of Jacobs, AMEC Foster Wheeler and Balfour Beatty, is multi-million pound collaboration contract at the Sellafield site, that clearly demonstrates the benefits to operators of collaboration.

Sellafield Ltd’s Graham Cheshire, contract officer for the BEP project said:
“The market recognised the challenges presented by this important and complex project and a number of strong organisations emerged to tender for the framework. Through early market engagement, which enabled the development of an innovative acquisition and contract strategy, Sellafield Ltd together with the supply chain were able to cut down the procurement schedule by around six months. This was a magnificent result for all involved and a testament to the excellent relationship and communication with key stakeholders throughout the process.”

Box Encapsulation Project Delivery Team Comprises of:-

AMEC Foster Wheeler
Balfour Beatty

Learn more about The Box Encapsulation Project Collaboration from Chris Cunningham, Project Director Jacob who will be speaking on Day 1 of TotalDECOM 2017

For more information or to book an exhibition stand call 01229 400226 or email helen@totaldecom.co.uk


TotalDECOM 2017 Networking Dinner Speaker – Charles Hendry

We are delighted to announce that our speaker for the TotalDECOM 2017 Networking Dinner is Rt Hon Charles Hendry.
The former Minister of State for Energy (2010-2012) has also been the Conservative Member of Parliament for Wealden since 2001. He has previously acted as the Conservative Party’s spokesman on energy issues, holding the portfolio longer than any previous Minister. In 2012, the Prime Minister has appointed him as his Trade Envoy to Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.
Charles is President of the British Institute of Energy Economics; of the fuel poverty charity, National Energy Action and an Honorary Fellow of the Energy Institute. Also, since leaving Ministerial office, he has been appointed as a Visiting Professor at the University of Edinburgh (in both the Business School and the Academy of Government).
Mr Hendry’s presentation will draw on his experiences in relation to energy issues and is sure to be a highlight of the networking evening.  Tickets to the networking dinner are included within the Delegate Day package, which can be purchased here.  These tickets include full access to the both the Premier Day one schedule and the visitor’s day event on the 29th March.

Platinum Sponsor News

Our Platinum Sponsor Aecom together with their joint venture partner Energy Solutions has announced that they have been awarded a multimillion dollar contract to decontaminate and decommission the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, California.  Both of the partners have considerable experience in the sector and met the contract requirement of having a “sizeable” percentage of Subcontracted local businesses be owned by a minority, disabled veteran or woman.

The contract was awarded by Southern California Edison, which owns the majority stake in the plant. This project is one of America’s largest commercial nuclear plant decommissioning projects and looks to be completed over a ten year period creating over 500 jobs.

To find out more about this story, visit the Los Angeles Times article.